Brooks Davis is one of the most recent recipients of the Pinehurst Sanger Foundation.

Brooks was in a car accident on September 6th, 2016. He awoke at the University of Utah hospital a day later. The first words when he called his Mom were “I think my whole life just changed”. He sustained a complete spinal cord injury at T-6, leaving him paralyzed from the belly down. His attitude since the accident has been nothing but remarkable. He’s made incredible strides forward in discovering his own independence again, and was even able to move out of his parents’ place. A major reason for his move was to be closer to a gym that specialized and supports people with spinal cord injuries – SCI Recovery Project. He lives only 15 minutes away now and is extremely excited to start a new journey towards being a fit and active wheelchair user.

What a great young man with a CAN DO attitude. His goal is to be up and walking within a few years.