Kade is an adorable and rambunctious 3-year old little boy. In 2017, Kade was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, an oral motor speech disorder. As a result, he requires intensive speech therapy with a speech pathologist and an Augmentative Alternative Communication Device (ACC). This device relies on the use of an iPad with speaker….

It is Pinehurst Foundation’s honor to support Kade and his family in funding his ACC and pathology treatments!

Kade is now able to communicate through a series of pictures on his iPad to convey a request or idea as the ACC repeats the word out loud for him and others to hear. Many children who benefit from early interventions like speech pathology treatments, ACCs, and other assistance will overcome Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

We know you will join the Pinehurst Foundation in wishing the best for our buddy Kade and we will keep you updated on his progress.