Physical activity has always been a big part of Jacob Hirning’s life. He was a Wildland Firefighter, a bodybuilder, and he planned on pursuing a career in exercise science in order to become a physical therapist. Then everything changed….

“I am a C6 Quadriplegic. Since November 2014, I have had limited hand function and no lower limb function,” said Jacob who broke his neck diving into the ocean in Mexico.

Since then, Jacob has never wavered in his commitment to being as physically active as possible. He’s played wheelchair rugby and other adaptive sports to build strength in his hands, arms, and core. The goal, for Jacob, is to live an even more independent and productive life which will only be accomplished by power and fortitude.

In order to become the strong person Jacob once was, demands a grueling and costly physical therapy schedule. The Pinehurst Foundation is in awe of Jacob’s strength and fortitude and is thrilled to assist in his physical therapy funding.

“I know I’ll walk again because I’m stronger mentally and emotionally.”

-Jacob Hirning-