My name is Curtis Wolff. I moved to Colorado in 1987 for a great job opportunity and to enjoy the incredible Colorado outdoors.

Unfortunately, in August of 2012, I was bitten by the wrong mosquito and contracted West Nile Virus. While very rare, it settled in my spine, afflicting me with Acute Flaccid Paralysis leaving me a C4, C5 quadriplegic. After 5 plus months in hospitals (including 3 at Craig Hospital), I decided to do whatever it would take to stay healthy and regain movement with the goal of returning to work and eventually walk again.

 Albeit slow, persistence has been paying off. Through adaptive exercise, massage therapy and even acupuncture, I have regained just enough movement in my hands to type on a touch screen computer. This achievement has afforded me the opportunity to work part time, volunteer, enjoy outdoor activities, as well as get back to my favorite sporting activity: Bowling! I do everything I can to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicaid do not pay for many of these services. However, with the generous support from the Pinehurst Foundation I am able to continue with my adaptive exercise, stay healthy and be the best I can be. I wouldn’t be where I am without their support.

Most of all, I cherish the encouragement and support I receive from all my caregivers and especially to my partner Carole. She is my significant other and has been my biggest advocate for over 21 years. 

 Thank you Pinehurst Foundation!