John Sanger

The Pinehurst Sanger Foundation was (and still is) inspired by John Sanger, a Pinehurst employee who encountered life altering medical and physical needs that surpassed his ability to cover what insurance would not. In response, the founders of this organization created a platform where others could help their friend, colleague, coach, and respected golfer.

It has grown beyond anything the founders could imagine with the loving support of the entire Pinehurst Community. What the Founders ignited with a spark of giving has become a legacy fueled by Pinehurst members and friends to benefit other people with similar circumstances throughout the entire Denver Metro area and more.

The Pinehurst Foundation will continue the Pinehurst Sanger Foundation Legacy as a nonprofit organization helping individuals in the community who are experiencing serious medical/physical restraints and lack the financial ability to meet the demands associated. The foundation’s continued goal is to provide financial assistance for medical and physical aides that enhance their quality of life and empower them to reach their fullest potential.

Continuing this mission would not have been possible without the forethought, insight, collaboration, history, and dedication of the Founders, Former Board Members, Donors, and Volunteers. They have inspired us to foster their commitment and mobilize their vision.