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Pinehurst School is located
22 miles east of Ashland,
 Oregon, and has been the focal point of the Greensprings Community for the last
100 years! 
The main building was
constructed in 1930!

The Pinehurst School Foundation
 is committed to supporting, enriching, and enhancing the Pinehurst School.

Vision Statement: 
Funding and sustaining excellence in the Pinehurst
School District.

Mission Statement:
Cultivating community investment in order to enrich and sustain student education and success.

The Pinehurst School Foundation
Is committed to enriching the educational experience of each student at Pinehurst School.  The foundation accomplishes this through fundraisers.  The biggest fundraiser- Winterfest- occurs annually in December-  100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser goes to support programs such as:  Art, Library, and Music.  

The Pinehurst School
Pinehurst School is a small, rural, public school with two classrooms.  One classroom houses grades Kindergarten to 4th and the second classroom houses grades 5th to 8th.  The Pinehurst School Foundation was created in 1996 to assist the school in obtaining needed funding to enhance the school curriculumn.

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